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  We use and sell only the best products, our main line is Nature's Sunshine. They were the first company to encapsulate herbs over 45 years ago.  Nature's Sunshine sets the standard for quality in the natural health industry.  They are GMP certified and do rigorous testing on all the ingredients found in their products.  This includes testing for pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.  All products we use are guaranteed pure. Loomis Institutes-Enzyme Solutions professional line of enzymes and herbal supplements, Pure Herbs liquid tinctures for quick absorption, Garden of Life's line of proteins, probiotics, and supplements which are the top selling natural line in the US, Solle Naturals top of the line herbal drink mixes and supplements offering target care and nutrition.  We are constantly updating our product lines to meet the needs of our clients!

 As well as Bulk Herbs and Teas!